DIY Hypertufa Hand Planters

As I mentioned in my previous post (here), DIY hypertufa hand tutorials are not very easy to come by online.

I’ve just found one more such article, from Jenise, over at If you’ve been following my blog or reading some of my posts, you probably know already that I periodically post links to good tutorials for making various hypertufa garden art objects here. As I type this, I’ve posted well over a dozen (close to two dozens) of such links thus far.

If you are in to DIY hypertufa to any extent, you probably know already that hands are one of the most difficult hypertufa garden art objects to make but Jenise makes it as easy as it could possibly be done. In fact, something I can confidently tell you now is that in my opinion, Jenise’s how-to tutorial is The Best out of all that I have posted so far. (I would not be really surprised if she would make a great teacher. :-))

While this tutorial is written with flowing text (and not in a numbered or bulleted, step-by-step manner), it provides all the necessary DIY and how-to information including the recipe etc. in an easy to follow style, with plenty of (beautiful) pictures all along the way.

To sum up, if you’re interested in making great looking hands and/or hand-shaped planters with hypertufa, I (strongly) suggest you check out the article – DIY Concrete Hand Planters and Bowls – at the link below. The least I can assure you is that you’ll not be disappointed:


DIY Hypertufa Hands

Like DIY hypertufa birdbaths (as mentioned in my previous post here), good and useful hypertufa hands tutorials too are not so easy to come by online.

Here is just such a tutorial that explains how to make a hypertufa hand.

Created by Pam from, this how-to article, with running text and some great pictures, will help you make a hand with hypertufa. Improvising after a previously failed attempt, Pam finally got her hypertufa hand right and she shares the details of the successful method here:


DIY Hypertufa Birdbath

As most who have looked for DIY hypertufa information online would readily agree, while there are many good tutorials that teach you how to make hypertufa pots, planters and troughs etc., a hypertufa birdbath making tutorial is a rarity.

Susan Vinskofski, a master gardener from PA has published one such tutorial called ‘Make Your Own Hypertufa Birdbath’ where she has provided comprehensive information with many pictures using which you can build a leaf-shaped hypertufa birdbath.

As a hypertufa garden art enthusiast, I’m sure you’ll find Susan’s article useful.


DIY Hypertufa PDF eBook

Claudia Brownlie – a fellow garden art enthusiast who is way too deep in to DIY hypertufa publishes a PDF eBook that she calls ‘Hypertufa How-To Manual’.

With over 100 pages of step-by-step DIY information accompanied by scores of pictures, this eBook can show you how to make a variety of garden art objects using hypertufa, whether you are a beginner to the art of hypertufa or one with some experience.

Starting from basics like hypertufa recipe and safety information, this eBook goes to show you how to make a number of different garden art objects using hypertufa, such as pots, planters, troughs, balls, stones, leaves, sculptures etc. and promises to make you a ‘creative mud-pie maker extraordinaire’ by the time you get done with it. ­čÖé

While this eBook is not free to download (~$25), if you are in to DIY garden art and/or hypertufa, you certainly want to give it a try. (Claudia does offer a full refund if you don’t like her eBook for any reason or find it useful).


Junk Mail Mulch – Amazing Garden Art (non-hypertufa)

Fellow blogger and gardening enthusiast KreativeRustic has found an amazing way to create fabulous garden art out of junk mail, by making mulch out of it!!! One of the most creative ways of getting rid of junk mail that I have ever come across. You most certainly want to check this out if you are in to DIY gardening and garden art: