5 DIY Garden Design Tips (Non-Hypertufa)

Hello all, back after a break and here is a great DIY garden art (non-hypertufa) link.

Marta Puig de la Bellacasa (aka The Landwoman) – a Landscape Designer/Gardener and a fellow blogger has published a great article called ‘5 Tips to Design Your Own Garden’.

All I’d like to say here is that if you’re a DIY gardening enthusiast, you should read her article. I simply loved it and in all probability, so would you.



DIY Painted Terracotta Pots

Here is one more DIY garden art link under the non-hypertufa category. Posted at a blog called StudentBudgetLiving.com, this DIY article describes how to make beautiful looking painted terracotta pots in nice detail, with plenty of pictures:



Junk Mail Mulch – Amazing Garden Art (non-hypertufa)

Fellow blogger and gardening enthusiast KreativeRustic has found an amazing way to create fabulous garden art out of junk mail, by making mulch out of it!!! One of the most creative ways of getting rid of junk mail that I have ever come across. You most certainly want to check this out if you are in to DIY gardening and garden art:




DIY Garden Mushrooms (not hypertufa)

Okay. Already. I DO remember having stated in my first post that I will post links to only DIY hypertufa resources here. From time to time, however, I come across some great general DIY garden art tutorials which are just SO amazing that I just want to share them.

So, to keep it short, I am (sort of) bending my own rule a little bit here (but hopefully, in a structured manner). I’m creating a new category on this blog called ‘Other Garden Art’ and will post useful non-hypertufa garden art links under this category from time to time.

Here is the first one:


DIY Garden Mushrooms – by the good folks at Birds&Blooms. Just take a look – irresistibly pretty!!! Hypertufa or not, as long as you’re in to DIY garden art, I”m nearly sure you’d want to build these (and the link below will show you how, very easily too):


or click here.