Playing with Hypertufa

As they say: When it rains, it pours. 🙂

If you can guess, I’m – rather coyly – trying to tell you that I’m posting one more link that deviates from my ‘strictly DIY – strictly hypertufa’ rules. Having said that, I do submit that this link is not exactly ‘non-hypertufa’ but on the other hand, it is not exactly a DIY tutorial either.

Published by a self-confessed ‘complicatingly simple gardener’, ‘Playing with Hypertufa’ is more of a running, pictorial commentary from Jester – a DIY gardening and garden art enthusiast and a blogger – of her practical experiences and experiments making various garden art objects with hypertufa.

Starting with the basic hypertufa recipe, she moves on to making bowls, pots, mushrooms and planters, all with pictures. I sure found her post enjoyable and useful; hope you will too: