DIY Hypertufa PDF eBook

Claudia Brownlie – a fellow garden art enthusiast who is way too deep in to DIY hypertufa publishes a PDF eBook that she calls ‘Hypertufa How-To Manual’.

With over 100 pages of step-by-step DIY information accompanied by scores of pictures, this eBook can show you how to make a variety of garden art objects using hypertufa, whether you are a beginner to the art of hypertufa or one with some experience.

Starting from basics like hypertufa recipe and safety information, this eBook goes to show you how to make a number of different garden art objects using hypertufa, such as pots, planters, troughs, balls, stones, leaves, sculptures etc. and promises to make you a ‘creative mud-pie maker extraordinaire’ by the time you get done with it. ­čÖé

While this eBook is not free to download (~$25), if you are in to DIY garden art and/or hypertufa, you certainly want to give it a try. (Claudia does offer a full refund if you don’t like her eBook for any reason or find it useful).


DIY Hypertufa Fountain – 2

‘Hypertufa Water Fountain’┬áhappens to be one of the most detailed and comprehensive DIY hypertufa tutorials that I’ve come across on the Internet, with step-by-step instruction as well as pictures of the fountain at various stages of the making process:


DIY Hypertufa Fountain

Carrying the title ‘How to Make a Hypertufa Fountain’, this is a concise, comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial from Mindy McIntosh-Shetter, a contributor at eHow. (This happens to be one of the very few how-to articles I’ve found to be completely lacking in photos or videos, but still, quite useful)